What is

We are a software company, built by journalists. Our software helps any communications agency manage pr-campaigns for multiple clients. Easily publish press releases in gorgeous newsrooms and simplify your media pitching. It’s a flexible solution to streamline your  workflow that can save you hours per day.

Helping you work better and faster


Build newsrooms, lightning fast, for all your customers

Content marketing has matured, and with it the indisputable importance of newsrooms. Building a newsroom, however, is still a time-consuming and expensive matter. With, you’ll be able to build newsrooms for all of your clients within minutes, all without coding. Simply add a logo, company information, and play around with our design module: you’ll amaze your customers with how quickly you can get their newsroom online.


Managing media relationships with ease

You’ve worked hard to build relationships; maintaining them with endless email threads, cups of coffee and phone conversations. This is all scattered over countless excel files, CRM systems and inboxes. We’ve built a contact management system (we call it our PRM) so your whole organisation can upload their contacts then search and filter through them with ease. The emails, notes, contact details, and statistics from your company’s entire network can live in one central hub.

Designed to help agency efficiency

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Stress-free scheduling

Schedule whole campaigns, including all emails (whether embargoed, on the publish date or follow-ups) days in advance, so that everything’s ready for the big day.
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Effortless collaboration

We’ll help you smoothen out collaboration with local teammates, colleagues abroad, and clients. Delegating news to colleagues for translation, getting approvals, chatting with your team members, managing permissions, it’s all possible from our tool.
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Multi-account management

As an agency you run multiple newsrooms. With you’ll be able to easily switch between all your client’s newsrooms without having to constantly log in and out of accounts.
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Partner Program

Partnering with provides you with the technical resources you need to innovate and grow your business. With our partner program, we’ve made sure our partnerships are fair and mutually beneficial. If you’d like to refer us to one of your new or existing clients, or bring our tools to your existing accounts, please send us a message by filling in the contact form below.


Full customization

Your client is big on branding? So is our design team. We have designed, built and implemented 100+ newsrooms for the world’s leading brands. Unlike other newsroom providers, we believe custom should mean that it’s built from scratch, just as you would your own website. Our design team will walk you through examples, latest trends and give advice where needed. Together we’ll build a newsroom that you and your client will be proud of.

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Fair and simple pricing

We understand your technological set-up shouldn’t break the bank. You won’t find complicated contracts with small letters or difficult clauses with us, that’s not how we roll. Your simple monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time, and adjusted when business is slow. Contact us below to get a tailored quote.