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Newsrooms to make journalists' lives easier. 

Over the last six years, we have built 100+ bespoke newsrooms for world-class brands like Dolby, Heineken, Shimano, and Taylormade Golf. With your newsroom, you let journalists know that you see them, you understand what they need and you're doing everything you can to help them. 


One-stop shop for your media contacts

Your newsroom is the go-to place for the press, filled with news announcements, coverage, media library, company information, spokespeople and other relevant information. By providing your contacts with an easy-to-use and complete newsroom, you'll drastically decrease tedious media requests, and increase coverage.


Beautifully designed and visually rich

We believe your press contacts deserve a friction-free user experience, just like you offer your customers. All our newsrooms, whether you use one of our templates or a bespoke design, are designed based on feedback from both journalists and communications teams. Also, with our media library system, your media contacts will always have access to all your up-to-date and hi-res images, videos, documents, podcasts, and more. 


Optimized for search engines

With less than 4% of journalists relying on press releases as their primary driver of news, it's important that you enable journalists to find you, instead of you finding them. In order to make your news findable, we have partnered up with SEO experts to optimise our newsrooms for search engines. All news published to your newsroom, will start appearing in Google Searches within minutes


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Software to make your live easier. 

All our newsrooms are powered by an intuitive, powerful platform. One platform to publish news, manage contacts, schedule emails, manage your editorial workflow and track the results. 


Create beautiful releases

Create stunning news announcements by simply dragging and dropping your images, videos, Spotify playlists or Soundcloud podcasts in your releases. The press will immediately have access to your hi-res media assets, no more back and forth with Dropbox links and Google Drive folders - efficiency is good for both parties.


Manage contacts and automate outreach

Within the same platform you create and publish your releases, you also manage your contacts, schedule (embargoed) emails and track your results. One platform for all your PR efforts - keeps things simple and clear.


Friendly support

We have a dedicated team available to help you get the most out of our platform. Some questions about formatting? Need some help with email personalisation. A last-minute change to your newsroom? We’ve got your back.


Working in a large team, across borders?

Once an organisation starts growing, the editorial workflow becomes more complex. We know your struggle and build a solution for it. You can set up separate newsrooms for each market, multi-language support, news delegation, approval management, team chat, revision history, agency access management, user permission management, password protection - it’s all there.

My goal is to get as much free media exposure as possible. I make sure information is clear, consistent and sent in good time. I need to be reliable. This is where really helps. Ben Hillsdon, PR Officer

Could you use some help with your PR strategy?


Our partner, Twotone Amsterdam, has helped tons of strong cycling brands (Shimano, Brooks, Cannondale, Komoot) getting the most out of their newsroom and media strategy. 

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