Establish yourself as a thought leader

Playing it safe is no strategy. People respond to opinionated pieces – it’s what defines your essence and sets you apart from your competitors. By creating a dedicated space on your website for brand journalism, your brand is bound to attract an audience, inspire them, and have them crown you as an opinion leader in your industry.


Publish helpful content that will shoot up search engines

Journalistic pieces don’t reach its full potential on a press page. They’re meant to live on a beautifully designed, fully-branded space on your website. Posting relevant, helpful (and beautiful) content will help you improve your visibility in search results, boosting your SEO. 

Inbound PR

Attract leads and keep them close

Instead of pushing stories, with brand journalism you’ll draw potential customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders towards you. Through strategically placed CTAs, visitors will be able to sign up and get notified when new articles come out.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is brand journalism?

    Brand journalism is a communication strategy in which a brand creates content that resembles traditional journalism. It aims to engage and inform the audience by providing valuable, authentic, and relevant stories related to the brand, industry, or topics of interest, ultimately building trust, credibility, and stronger connections with the target audience.

  • Why is it important to use owned channels?

    Using owned channels in a PR strategy is crucial for maintaining control over brand messaging, directly engaging with the audience, and cost-efficiently building long-term brand recognition. It allows companies to shape their narrative, foster trust, and collect valuable data and analytics for informed decision-making, all within platforms they own and manage. This approach complements other PR efforts and ensures a strong and independent foundation for effective communication and reputation management.

  • How is brand journalism different from content marketing?

    Brand journalism tries to tell a story, while content marketing tries to sell a story. 

    In other words, brand journalism focuses on telling informative, often news-style stories related to an industry or company's niche, aiming to inform and engage the audience, while content marketing is more promotional, aiming to drive leads and conversions through content that may or may not resemble traditional journalism.

  • How can I use pr.co for brand journalism?

    We’ll help you build a magazine-style, fully branded page on your site that allows you to publish and manage your journalistic content (CMS). Our software allows you to manage user permissions, oversee progress and edits, making collaboration with external partners as smooth as possible. 

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