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Grow your brand

People connect with stories, not with products or services. Our online newsrooms are a stage for brands to build trust, loyalty, and awareness with your most important audiences.

Inbound PR

Attracting readers, instead of pushing stories

Ask your sales team which leads they prefer: outbound or inbound. Now ask your marketing team. Then why are PR teams still just pushing? Your newsroom will attract visitors and convert them into loyal readers.


Choose scalability

If you grow, we’ll grow with you. Easily add local newsrooms, new languages, a corporate blog, custom pages, an exclusive news section, a brand journalism hub, or invite agencies.


Measure your success

Build reports in seconds, and see how many people your stories attract. Your reports are built through privacy-friendly tracking in accordance with GDPR.


For brands who care about looks

You have a beautiful visual brand—use it. Your newsroom will be 100% in line with your branding guidelines and perfectly integrated into your website.

PR software

Your newsroom will have PR software at its core

With, you get more than a newsroom–you get software too. An intuitive platform to publish beautiful stories, simplify complex workflows, manage your contacts, send out news, host virtual events, build custom pages, and so much more.

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