Example online newsrooms

In order to give you a good idea of the end result of what a good newsroom looks like, we have included a few examples of well-designed and clear custom-built newsrooms that we've built for our customers.


Three benefits of implementing a newsroom

Precisely Branded

Precisely branded

Your brand is what makes you unique, and your PR should reflect that. Elevate your branding with our gorgeous customised media centres, newsrooms, and thought leadership blogs. Host news on your own domain for a branded, one-stop-shop aimed at helping the media cover you.

Save your team time

Save your team time

PR can be time-consuming and often involves a small team. Transform hours of work into a few clicks with our straightforward, public relations tool. Save yourself time and money by eliminating technical drudgery and improve your work with our easily-digestible reporting tools.

Increase Media Coverage

Increase media coverage

A good newsroom is essential in getting quality earned media. Whether your goal is to an increase inbound-PR, without the lengthy correspondence with journalists, or highly targeted outbound PR campaigns - your newsroom helps you serve the media and it makes their job ten-times easier.

Software Screenshots

Having the right newsroom is one thing, but when it is powered by easy-to-use software that helps even small PR-teams deliver big news, that's really where the magic happens. Please find below a few screenshots of our software that powers our customers' newsrooms.

Campaign Overview

Don't just take our word for it

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