Online Newsroom Solution

A branded newsroom plus news publishing & collaboration software.

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492 p/m
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Newsroom features:

  • Branded newsroom
  • Media-rich news releases
  • News archive
  • Coverage overview
  • Media library
  • Spokespeople overview
  • Content categorisation
  • Multi-language support
  • Search engine optimised
News publishing software

News publishing features:

  • Unlimited news releases
  • Unlimited clippings
  • Unlimited media kits
  • Press release editor
  • Rich-media support
  • Manage embargoes
  • Optimised for social and SEO
  • Newsroom analytics and tracking
  • Customer support

Collaboration features:

  • User management
  • In-app chat
  • Approval management
  • Preview and share drafts
  • Activity log
  • Version history
  • Multi-market support
  • Agency management
  • Multi-factor authentication
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Additional features and services

  • pr-crm

    PR CRM

    Arrow 72% of customers add this product to their setup

    Contact management, email distribution, email tracking and reporting, bulk imports and more. Learn more

    €109 p/m
  • Virtual events

    Virtual events

    Host virtual events, like press conferences, product launches, interviews and webinars. Engage with journalists and stakeholders through live chat, QA and polls. Learn more

    €129 p/m
  • Curated press list

    Curated press list

    Our team will build the perfect, curated press list for your next campaigns.

    399 per list
  • Newsroom

    Additional local newsroom

    Allow your local teams to publish and send out relevant, translated news to their own contacts. Price is per additional local newsroom.

    162 p/m
  • Additional users

    Additional users

    The price is per extra user. For example: 10 extra users is €210 p/m.

    €21 p/m
Working directly with our creative team, built a great media centre, fully matching with WeTransfer’s branding.

Pricing FAQ

  • We have a strict design department. Will my newsroom be entirely on brand?
    Looks like we have something in common, our design team is strict too. This is not an off-the-shelf newsroom. Our in-house design team will bring your newsroom entirely in line with your brand and online identity, and cooperate with your branding and design team to make you the perfect newsroom. We guarantee a smooth visitor experience: the visitor won’t see the difference between your website and your newsroom.
  • Can you send me a cost estimate?
    You bet, but we’ll first need to get to know you a little better. Our pricing is dependent on factors like team size, the number of markets you’re active in, and the service level you desire. Of course, we’re more than happy to create a tailored quote, just request a demo so that we can chat.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once cancelled, your subscription will automatically end after your contract ends. Don’t worry about secret automatic renewals or clauses with tiny little letters - we don’t roll like that.
  • What if I’m a startup?
    We believe professional and authentic communication is essential to your success. You work hard to reach milestones, it’d defeat the purpose not to communicate them. Therefore we offer a special program for those in need of's benefits but are unable to commit to our tailor-made solutions. Apply for the program.
  • Do you offer monthly subscriptions?
    While we usually only offer annual subscriptions - we do offer monthly payments. Can’t commit to a yearly subscription? Let’s chat; these are crazy times, we’ll figure something out.
  • Is GDPR compliant?
    Yes, we have rebuilt our CRM system to be fully compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations like the CAN-SPAM act. For any specific questions about GDPR or privacy please read our privacy policy, if you’d like to have a look at our Data Process Agreement, please contact us at
  • What payment types are accepted?
    For monthly billing, we accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express), PayPal and SEPA direct debit. All other billing periods will only be possible via invoicing.
  • Do you also offer media contacts?
    We do, but maybe not in the way you might expect. We strongly believe in a targeted approach and are doing everything we can to demotivate people to take a ‘spray and pray’ approach. Spamming an enormous database of press contacts simply doesn’t work, and hurts our industry. Our team would love to build you a curated, targeted press list with the press contacts that are just right for your company, strategy and product. Either as a one-time list for a specific campaign, or as a monthly updated press list for ongoing company news.
NGOs that use

NGOs Big discounts for NGOs

With a catalogue of global challenges at our doorstep, it can be hard to remain optimistic. But we are. The vital work by NGOs motivates us because it inspires positive change. We feel NGOs should spend their money on making this world a better place, not on software. This is why we offer our services at cost price to NGOs - amplifying their message is our small way of contributing.

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