Online newsroom

A home for all your news

Transparency is easy when your news has a clear home. With a beautiful, branded newsroom your information is accessible to everyone; from donors, to journalists, to the public. Whether a media contact is introduced by email, Twitter, or in person, they’ll always be directed straight back to your newsroom: the heart of your news.

Reach your target audience
Public Relations CRM

Reach your target audience

Copying and pasting crucial information from Excel into your emails is prone to error, which can damage the relationships with your media network. Use our smart CRM to manage your network of contacts, schedule personalised pitches, and set timely embargoes. Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Every time.

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Customize access to your projects
PR Software

Simple team collaboration

Use our platform to collaborate effectively with your colleagues; whether they’re abroad, in a different team, or sitting right next to you. Quickly delegate news to different team members, set approvals and permissions, and use the chatbox as you edit media-rich news releases together. Bring more structure to your work and produce beautiful news—  in just a few clicks.

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Our NGO is run by a team of 12.000 volunteers. We work exclusively with unpaid professionals. With, our entirely remote communications team has an easy-to-use platform from which to publish news and manage our media relations. 
Why we offer discounts for NGOs

Why we are  almost free for most NGOs

With a catalog of global challenges at our doorstep, it can be hard to remain optimistic. But we are. The vital work done by NGOs motivates us, because it inspires positive social change.

This is why we offer our services to most NGOs at cost price— amplifying their message is our small way of contributing. By freeing up money that would normally be spent on media relations, NGOs can direct these resources towards more important things.

Built for municipalities

How we can help

Small NGOs

Small NGOs

Our 250+ paying customers make it possible for us to offer our platform to small NGOs at cost price. Don’t worry- you won’t ever receive a surprise bill from us. 

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Mid-Large NGOs

Mid-Large NGOs

If you are a larger organization with multiple users, or you need a custom set-up, we still offer our services at a fraction of the price. We will offer a fixed discounted price, which will be valid forever. Charging a fee is essential for us to keep the NGO program sustainable: we’re in it for the long haul.

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Innovation, service and security

A partner you can trust

With communications being such a fundamental part of our customers’ brands, we’re more than software; we’re a technological partner you can trust.

Online within a week

While your IT team remains focussed on your core business, we’ll build you a beautiful newsroom in just a week.

Continuous innovation

We regularly launch updates to keep your newsroom secure, findable, and complete. You’ll never need another newsroom.

Everything taken care of

Design, development, implementation, migration, training, maintenance and brand updates - we take care of all the busywork for you.