10+ Great Press Release Examples by Type & Why They Work

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The press release is dead. It’s one of the most common cliches you will hear in our industry. Certainly, the PR world has undergone major changes: the media landscape has shifted towards social media, new channels pop up every day, industries have become increasingly competitive, and audiences demand total transparency. 

Although much has changed since clippings were literally clipped out of magazines, one thing is sure: the press release is not dead. In a world that demands transparency: press releases are your allies. They build credibility and trust with your stakeholders, they create context for your press contacts, and (if picked up) they generate brand awareness. With press release moving from email inboxes, to online newsrooms: they now also seriously improve your SEO game. Cherry on top, isn’t it? 

The perfect press release wows journalists and stakeholders, all while remaining professional, truthful, and factual. Press releases differ per type of event and industry. We gathered some examples of press releases to give you some guidance for your next release. 

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Event Types

We write press releases with specific goals in mind. Whether it’s communicating exciting internal news or sharing a new product or service, each occasion calls for different elements. Below, we've gathered examples for various event types, and listed why we think they're good:  

Product launches:

Your team has worked endlessly to offer the world a solution to a specific problem. But what makes it so different from other products on the market? Make your press release one to remember: use an angle in your writing to transform your story into a newsworthy one. I can’t stress that enough: a newsworthy one. Companies launch new products every day, what makes your product so interesting?

Make sure to include product details. However, not all product details have to be included in your release. The geekiest ones can be added to a separate page on your website. This way, if you get published, editors can link back to the full product overview. These backlinks - especially from the big publications - are very good for SEO.

And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure to add high-resolution product images.  

What's good about this release:

  • Journalists can easily find and download high-res photos of your product
  • A clear explanation of what the product offers
  • Product details such as measurements and materials 

Product news and updates:

Similar to product launches, press releases for product news and updates need to offer a detailed overview of which product feature has been enhanced or enabled. Your audience needs to understand what has improved or changed and how this will boost their experience. For quicker access to your product information, you should include your images and videos in an organised media kit.


See the full release here

What's good about this release: 

  • A detailed explanation of product improvements 
  • A media kit that grants easy access to hi-res images and videos
  • Availability details and additional product details 

New hires - organisational change 

Changes in your team structure, new hires or retirements are bound to attract attention, especially if it’s someone with a big track record. To do so adequately, provide readers with some context for the person joining or leaving your team. Add their previous accomplishments, new responsibilities and quotes for a personal touch. 


See the full release here. 

What's good about this release:

  • Background information on the CEO's vast experience in the field.
  • A head-shot of the new team member.
  • Quotes from new CEO, founders and board members.


Acquisitions and Mergers:

Press releases are efficient tools when it comes to distributing your news to stakeholders, investors and your community. Acquisitions, mergers and company growth are, in general, always newsworthy stories if written with the right angle and pitched to the right press contacts. Remember to cover details of the organisational change and add spokesperson details in case a journalist is looking for an interview or needs more information. 


See the full release here. 

What's good about this release:

  • Quotes from both parties involved give the journalist more material to work with 
  • A clear background story that provides context for the journalist
  • Contact details are provided in the newsroom


Teaming up with a brand or individual is a powerful way to show what you stand for. When announcing a new partnership, remember to detail how the partnership will play out and quotes from both parties involved to give your piece a human voice. Don’t forget to include the contact details for the spokesperson for each party involved. This will save the journalist precious time and extra clicks.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 12.41.16

See the full press release here.

What's good about this release: 

  • Clearly describes what the partnership entails and how both parties will benefit from it
  • Quotes from both parties give a journalist more material
  • Additional high-resolution images 

Events & Grand Openings: 

When it comes to events and grand openings, consider your press release a massive digital invitation. Before putting one together, determine what makes this event so important for your audience to know about. 

Remember press releases can be sent out for a variety of events, including those that are closed to the general public or those that have already occurred. Although sending out a press release before an event is more common, there are multiple benefits of doing it post-event. For instance, you can emphasize the success of the event and increase the desire of participants to attend the following one. In any case, remember to feature practical details such as time, location, tickets, information on press viewings or press conferences. 

Most importantly, what will make journalists pick up your story are the images and graphic material. An easily accessible media kit with beautiful images will dramatically improve your chances of getting published

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 12.38.10

See the full press release here.

What's good about this release:

  • High-resolution images show the grand opening of the new hotel
  • Thorough information on the new hotel, such as location and amenities
  • Easy access to contact information 

What did you think of the examples so far? You might've noticed these brands really go out of their way to give journalists a good experience, through a solid, well-designed newsroom. All examples used in this article are newsrooms built by us. Interested to learn more? Schedule a chat with us, we'd love to show you how we can help you increase exposure. 

Industry Type

What works for one industry may not be the most fitting for another. Check out some pointers on what your press release should look like depending on the type of industry:

Health care

One of the most important things to remember- regardless of your industry - is the intricate balance between style and substance. While your press release should be factual information, it’s also important to keep it interesting. This is especially true in the healthcare industry. Leave out the dry, technical language and give your story an angle. Here are a couple of ways you can use your press release to communicate your news: 

    • Show community involvement, 
    • Share results of studies, achievements or awards, 
    • Announce participation in conferences, 
    • Reveal exciting patient milestones, 


See the full release here.

What's good about this release:

  • A strong, newsworthy story backed by facts
  • Spokesperson contact details are easily accessible 

Public sector:

Governmental press releases differ from commercial ones. The former do not advertise a product or service as the latter do. What sets these press releases apart is the sense of accountability enabled by the transparency of sharing trusted information about new policies or changes. To do so, use concise language and be straightforward with your writing style. 


See the full release here. 

What's good about this release:

  • Factual information about the influx of visitors to the Christmas markets 
  • Quotes from municipal experts
  • Media kit with high resolution images 


Granted, the best way to catch your reader’s attention is by telling a story. A press release for an NGO is not the exemption. Be mindful not to oversell your press release - make sure to let the journalist make up their mind about your news instead. 


See the full release here.

What's good about this release:

  • A strong story that is likely to be picked up by the media
  • Contact details are available
  • Boilerplate give journalists more context


You may have heard it mentioned a couple of times - they say tech is the new finance. As the industry becomes more competitive, pitches become more creative. To rise above the noise, be straightforward and strategic. Use the power of the press release to achieve a specific goal. What is it that you want to achieve with this piece? If you want to impress seasoned journalists, add up-to-date statistics and easy access to your spokesperson.


See the full release here. 

What's good about this release:

  • Bullet points to summarize the news
  • Boilet plates that give journalists more context on the foundation and WeTransfer
  • External links to reports that assure credibility and guarantee backlinks to your page

Entertainment & Media:

Breaking into the entertainment industry is not an easy task. With so many fierce and creative competitors, getting your news into the spotlight is a tough gig. Make your audience feel like they are getting an inside scoop. Share new material such as reviews, event dates, or exclusive viewings. Another way to shine through is by providing visual materials, such as high-quality videos and images. While it may not 100% guarantee you will get published, it will increase your chances of getting noticed by journalists.


See the full release here.

What's good about this release: 

  • Information about new album 
  • Easy access to media kits and spokesperson contact details 
  • A boilerplate to give journalists more context


A press release is a compelling way to share your news without sounding overly commercial and, at the same time, gain some authority. Show off your expertise in the field by combining your story with facts and figures. 


See the full release here.

What's good about this release:

  • Bullet points summarize the news
  • Spokesperson details
  • Quote from the founder



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