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When your brand faces a crisis, you need a platform to communicate with the stakeholders that matter most – and do so quickly. Our platform provides brands with a crisis newsroom that is enabled specifically for moments when your news updates have to be delivered fast and to the right people. 

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Empower your team to act with agility 

Our platform allows PR teams to easily edit and publish their press releases at any moment, wherever they may be. Being fully independent (from an IT team, for example) gives your brand more flexibility and accuracy. 


A service you can trust 

You need a trusted ally to help you reach your stakeholders during a crisis. Rest assured, we have a track record with financial organizations, governments, and publicly listed companies. With custom SLAs, regular security audits, and top-notch training, our experienced team can give you the support you need in an emergency.

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We’ve been rated best online newsroom solution by G2, and proud of it!


Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need a newsroom for crisis communications?

    An online newsroom is a platform that helps you share news with your most important stakeholders during a crisis. It allows you to control the information that is put out there and control your narrative. An online newsroom is an unmissable tool to practice transparency, accountability, and approachability and ensure brand trust. 

  • My brand is facing a crisis. How can you help?

    During a crisis, it’s important that brands respond quickly, effectively, and most importantly, strategically. If you’re looking to learn more about how to handle a crisis, we have prepared an on-demand video course just for you. Check out our Crisis Communications course on Pioneer Academy (go ahead, there’s a free 7-day trial). 

  • Do you offer consulting services for crisis communications?

    Yes! We don’t just want to help you with powerful software, we want to empower you with knowledge from experts, too. We offer workshops, audits, and training led by seasoned PR pros who will help you and your team prepare for your next crisis. Learn more about our partnerships here. 

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