Make your CSR efforts accessible and appealing 

Sharing your honest journey—one that highlights your wins, but shortcomings too—is the only way to truly build a connection with people. Comms teams use's newsrooms to showcase this journey, in an easy-to-find and appealing way. 

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Showcase what you stand for 

Consumers today are more conscious than ever before. They don’t just want to know what you sell, they want to know what you believe in. An online newsroom is the place where you connect with the public, by showing your commitment to people, communities, and the planet. 


Attract and retain mission-aligned contacts 

Whether it's your next superstar employee, a media contact from the outlet you've been eyeing, or an investor with your same core values, sharing your corporate social responsibility efforts in an online newsroom will help you attract and retain the right people. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a CSR tool?

    A CSR tool is an instrument that will help you make your corporate social responsibility efforts visible to the public and help you share them with a wider audience. An online newsroom, for example, helps you do just that. 

  • How can I use to share my CSR efforts? provides a platform for brands to share their CSR journey with their stakeholders. In an online newsroom or corporate hub, your brand can share what you believe in, the actions you take to demonstrate it, and what you've achieved along the way. Our tool helps brands collaborate with your team across borders, turn visitors into leads, and manage relationships with stakeholders (CMS). 

    We're proud to work with the world's biggest brands by providing a platform for them to share their sustainability efforts. Here are some examples of the brands we've worked with. 

  • Can I upload my CSR reports, certifications, and data?

    Yes! Your press kits can include all media types, from high-resolution images to videos, PDFs, and audio. Use your own images or embed content from Spotify, Instagram and YouTube. By replacing clunky zip files with media-rich news, your stories are more likely to captivate your stakeholder's attention.

  • Do you offer consulting services too?

    Yes, we do. Our newsrooms and software are only as powerful as the communications strategy and tactics that it serves. To ensure success for all our customers, we have carefully selected a group of partners. These partners are freelancers, agencies, and consultants with various backgrounds and expertise. Whether you’re looking for help expanding into a new market, media training for your executive team, or someone to guide you through setting up a communications strategy. 

  • Do you offer discounts for NGOs looking to expand their PR strategy?

    Yup! We offer our services to most NGOs at cost price— amplifying their message is our small way of contributing. By freeing up money that would normally be spent on media relations, NGOs can direct these resources towards more important things. Learn more here. 

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