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Publish news and coverage, beautifully

Offer journalists and other media professionals a seamless and memorable experience by sharing your stories in a beautifully branded online newsroom. Make your news and press assets findable, shareable, and trackable.


Keep up with your press network

Unlike most CRMs, the CRM is built for PR teams, not for the sales department. It has everything you need to manage media relations and nothing you don’t. 


Scale your PR strategy to new markets 

In PR, localization is key. A story that works incredibly well in Germany might get zero response in the US. If your brand tends to different markets, your newsroom should, too. We help international teams work together,  simplify translations and approvals, and reach local media outlets.

Lead generation

Build your press network through inbound PR 

Your newsroom will be optimized for search engines, making it incredibly easy for people to find your news. Through strategically placed CTAs, we incentivize visitors to sign up for future news on their terms.


Measure results 

Great PR is trial and error—we’ll give you the data. Learn which stories work well, which pitches get opened most, and how many people signed up for your press list. And all of this through privacy-friendly tracking.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need an online newsroom for media relations?

    As a PR professional, it's your job to make it incredibly easy for journalists to write about you. With a newsroom, you show your press contacts: thank you for considering to write about our brand, here's everything we think you might want to know about us. Any questions? Here are my contact details.

    A newsroom is the public-facing heart of your company. Consider it your digital one-stop shop for media, opinion leaders, and other key external stakeholders such as investors, analysts, governments, and business partners. Your newsroom includes your company’s latest announcements, business developments, media coverage, media kits, contact information, and more. Online newsrooms increase the quantity and quality of your company’s media. It’s simple: the easier it is for journalists to find your news and brand assets, the more likely it is that they will cover your company.

  • How exactly does help with media relations?

    Our websites function as a one-stop-shop for your media contacts containing everything they might need to tell your story. This includes a news archive, a section for clippings, press kits, a section for awards, contact information, and more.

    Our software can help your PR team manage media contacts (CRM), pitch media contacts (email distribution), host virtual events, manage approvals of press releases, and streamline collaboration with your colleagues and markets. 

  • How does this compare to a newswire?

    Newswires started as a service to companies to have a broader reach to an audience they normally wouldn't have access to. How it works: you pay a significant amount of money and a newswire will publish your news on the "wire".  This is a place where journalists used to go to get their news. If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it probably is.

    Journalists no longer get their news from newswires. Newswire businesses will tell you that journalists certainly still do, but most journalists don't. These days, newswires are pretty much only used by publicly-listed companies to share market-sensitive news, 

    To earn media coverage and build brand trust, you need a great story, a relevant press contact, a solid pitch, and luck. There are no guarantees. A bad story will not be published, not even if you pay a hefty amount of money to a newswire service.

  • Couldn't I just build newsroom myself?

    Absolutely, but building a newsroom in-house isn’t a good solution for most brands since it can be quite time-consuming, costly, and not every development team will put a newsroom at the top of their priority list. When deciding to build or buy, a good understanding of the process will help you make the right choice for your company. We have prepared a Whitepaper which outlines some aspects to take into consideration.

    A good point to keep in mind with this consideration is that most newsroom solutions don’t just build the newsroom. They'll have a software platform to help you manage media relations too. 

  • Do you offer media databases?

    We do, but maybe not in the way you expect. We strongly believe in a targeted approach and we do everything we can to help people move away from the old fashioned ‘spray and pray’ approach to PR. Spamming an enormous database of press contacts doesn’t work. It hurts our industry and will result in your emails ending up in spam folders. But we have a solution. We will manually build you a curated, targeted press list with the perfect press contacts for your company, strategy, and product. We can create this for you as a core list for your brand or as a one-off list for a specific campaign. Sound good? Get in touch. 

  • Do you offer media monitoring?

    We don’t offer media monitoring, but we can certainly introduce you to one of our partners to help you monitor social media and websites for mentions of your brand. 

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