Publish news in seconds
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Publish news in seconds

News moves fast, but with a clunky CMS, keeping the pace can be frustrating. Cut the red tape and use our simple, powerful editor to publish beautiful news in seconds. Whether in the office or on the train, create and update your news on the fly; minus the IT department.

Create news that makes people look
Rich media support

Create news that makes people look

Journalists, like us, gravitate towards things that look and sound good. Plain PDFs are uninspiring and end up in a spam folder. Breathe life into your stories with vivid photos, videos, audio, and data. Use your own images or embed content from Spotify, Instagram and YouTube. By replacing clunky zip files with media-rich news, your stories will hold a journalist’s attention.

Offer everything a journalist needs
Bundle all assets

Offer everything a journalist needs

If a journalist is trying to decide between two pitches- one that has beautiful images and one that doesn’t- they are going to go with the images. Wouldn’t you? When you bundle everything a journalist could possibly need to write a story- from press release, to data, images, and quotes- they are much more likely to cover you. Back and forth emails requesting information and zip files with poor quality images make you look unprofessional. Up your game and use to give them the complete story— from day one. 

Build trust with clippings
Media coverage

Build authority with clippings

Not all journalists who receive your pitch will know who you are- or have time to contact you and scope you out. We spoke to dozens of senior journalists who said they use clippings to find quotes and information when they are up against the clock. With a beautiful clippings section, you can fill in all the gaps and build credibility- in just a few clicks.

All your news neatly organised
Content categorisation

All your news, neatly organised

Companies have many faces, and journalists follow different beats. Organise your newsroom by theme, product, or topic so that every visitor can find what they need in seconds. Good categorisation can show the length and breadth of your work while keeping everyone—  from investors, to media contacts, to industry peers—  happy.

No more formatting
Press release editor

No more formatting

Staying on-brand can be difficult; formatting takes hours and not everyone has a designers' eye for detail, especially when they are in a rush. With’s simple editor can keep your brand consistency going without the drudgework. You’ve spent a long time building up relationships with your contacts. With recognisable and professional work- you can build on your existing credibility.


Create perfect copy in seconds with AI Assist

Save time and take the guesswork out for your copywriting with AI Assist. Create attention-grabbing headlines, personalized emails, and perfect summaries in seconds with the power of AI. Our AI Assist feature uses machine learning to create compelling copy that only gets better the more you use it.

Track data your way
Analytics and tracking

Track data your way

When you buy software, you often buy the data and reporting that comes with it. Unfortunately, those metrics often work in the software’s favour, not yours. With you can integrate your own tags and analytics- so you have full control over what is measured. Give other departments access to your data and produce accurate reports, to keep a birdseye view of your results. 

Work with agencies and colleagues abroad
Easy collaboration

Work with agencies and colleagues abroad

There are a lot of things to add as a fast-growing brand: new countries, new people, new processes. With, a PR tool is one less thing you have to worry about. Add new languages, markets, users, and functionalities in the space of a few minutes. Whatever your setup- whether working with agencies or in-house- can adapt across teams, projects and borders. 

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While your IT team remains focussed on your core business, we’ll build you a beautiful newsroom in just a week.

Continuous innovation

We regularly launch updates to keep your newsroom secure, findable, and complete. You’ll never need another newsroom.

Everything taken care of

Design, development, implementation, migration, training, maintenance and brand updates - we take care of all the busywork for you.