Online newsroom

News that makes people look

Keeping a broad audience informed can be tricky. But journalists and the public gravitate towards things that look and sound good. Plain PDFs are uninspiring and often end up in a spam folder. Breathe life into your news with vivid photos, videos, audio, and data. Make news that sticks to keep the public informed.

Send the right news at the right time
Email Distribution

Easily send and schedule emails

Sending manual emails is tedious. It involves unnecessary repetition, is prone to errors, and often isn’t tracked — making it hard to measure results. Our platform helps you schedule tracked emails to a curated list of people, in just a few clicks. We make sure the right message always goes to the right person, at the right time.

Everyone up to speed
Collaboration Software

Straightforward team collaboration

When people depend on your news, it needs to be thoughtful. That doesn’t mean it has to be slow. Use our platform to collaborate with colleagues on draft press releases, chat with your team, manage approvals, make backups, and send test emails. Send professional news, approved by the right people: in half the time.

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Tailored to your unique setup
Built for government

Tailored to your unique setup

Every organisation is unique, and has a unique way of working. Our platform was built with municipalities to make sure its features make your life easier, however you work. Our fine-grained permission system allows us to tailor the platform to your specific workflow, making it a joy to work with.

Track data your way
Search engine optimisation

Make your news findable

Media contacts (like most people) find key information through search engines. Our newsrooms are optimised for search engines and constantly updated to adapt to their changing algorithms. This way, your news stays findable from the second you click 'publish'. With your news at the top of the search engine results page, stakeholders can always access your news- even if the media decides not to cover it.

Customer Service

Speedy implementation and great support

There are many plates to spin in a newsroom project, which can seem overwhelming. We take care of all the stress and busywork for you. We’ve designed, developed, and implemented newsrooms for dozens of governmental organisations, so can offer you guidance every step of the way. Once the newsroom is live, our support team will migrate your content, train your teams, and offer extra help whenever you need it.

Innovation, service and security

A partner you can trust

With communications being such a fundamental part of our customers’ brands, we’re more than software; we’re a technological partner you can trust.

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Online within a week

While your IT team remains focussed on your core business, we’ll build you a beautiful newsroom in just a week.

Continuous innovation

We regularly launch updates to keep your newsroom secure, findable, and complete. You’ll never need another newsroom.

Everything taken care of

Design, development, implementation, migration, training, maintenance and brand updates - we take care of all the busywork for you.