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We dare say that we make the best-looking newsrooms out there– but we'll let you be the judge of that. Find a selection of our customers' newsrooms below, built by our team of talented designers, developers, and account managers.

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Newsroom FAQ

  • We have a strict design department. Will my newsroom be entirely on brand?

    Looks like we have something in common, our design team is strict too. This is not an off-the-shelf newsroom. Our in-house design team will bring your newsroom entirely in line with your brand and online identity, and cooperate with your branding and design team to make you the perfect newsroom. We guarantee a smooth visitor experience: the visitor won’t see the difference between your website and your newsroom.

  • Why do I need a newsroom?

    A newsroom is the public-facing heart of a company. Consider it your digital one-stop-shop for media, opinion leaders, and other key external stakeholders such as investors, analysts, governments, and partners. Your newsroom includes your company’s latest announcements, business developments, media coverage, media kits, contact information, and more. 

    Online newsrooms increase the quantity and quality of your company’s media coverage. It’s simple: the easier it is for journalists to find your news and brand assets, the more likely it is that they will cover your company.

  • Will my news be findable on search engines?

    Yes, we optimize our newsrooms for SEO so that your news will shoot up the search rankings. This allows journalists, stakeholders and customers to easily find your latest news. In some cases, you might want to keep (parts of) your newsroom secret, or protected by a password. Both of these options are available on our platform. 

  • What does the implementation process look like?

    We can build and launch your fully branded newsrooms in just two weeks' time. In a kickoff call, your team and one of our account managers will start out by defining what content needs to be in the newsroom and working out some ideas for the styling of the newsroom. Based on that, our designers will start designing the newsroom from scratch. The result is a clickable mock-up that will go through a few iterations. Once the design is approved, our development team will build the newsroom. During the build phase, our account manager will set up your platform so you can publish news, manage contacts, send out emails, and build reports.  After two weeks, we will launch the newsroom with a training session with your entire team, so that every team member knows how to work with 

  • How much involvement from our design and IT team do you need?

    Our process is as hands-off (or on) as you’d like it to be. We aim to do 99% of the project ourselves so that you don’t need to worry about all that technical stuff. We just need a dedicated PR specialist from your team to provide us with branding guidelines and relevant input. We also need an IT contact for some minor assistance (±30 minutes) when adding your newsroom to your website. 

  • How much would this cost?

    Our pricing is dependent on factors like team size, the number of markets you’re active in, and the service level you desire. You can find an overview of our pricing on our Pricing page. Of course, we’re more than happy to create a tailored quote, just request a demo so that we can chat.

  • How do I embed the newsroom into my website?

    There are various ways to connect your newsroom with your website. For starters, we set up your newsroom following the exact design of your website. Once the newsroom is built, we ask you and your IT team to add a link from your homepage to our newsroom. Of course, your newsroom is hosted on your main domain. 

    Would you prefer an even stronger connection? We have widgets available which your IT team can embed within your website with ease. This way, your website will automatically show your latest news, and visitors will naturally flow to the newsroom. 

  • Can I add newsrooms for local teams?

    Absolutely. We believe relevance is critical in a PR strategy. And to be relevant in local markets, you need to offer localized news. Therefore your newsroom will have subsections for each of your markets, managed by your local team or agency.