Online newsroom

Branding as a superpower

Your news may be strong, but it’s your brand that makes it memorable. Most off-the-shelf newsrooms look, well, off-the-shelf. Our newsrooms seamlessly fit into the branding you’ve worked so hard to build. Make yourself memorable with a collection of press assets to be proud of.

Co-design with journalists
Online newsroom

A newsroom co-designed with journalists

We spoke to hundreds of PR teams and journalists, to design scalable newsrooms that the media actually like using; increasing your chances of getting covered, whatever your market.

PR Software

Software that scales with you

Expand your media outreach, minus the teething problems. Easily add new markets, languages, teams, and agencies as you grow. Each market gets its own local news feed, in the journalists’ preferred language - either managed by you or by your local agency - which can be added with the click of a button. launched our first newsroom four years ago. Since then VanMoof has grown fast. Without fail, the team kept pace with us; re-designing our newsroom to our exact –and ever-changing– needs and building localized interfaces for our top five markets. is always there when you need them, and has been key to our success in bringing our global PR efforts in-house.
Find the right contacts

Build an international press network

When scaling to new markets, you may need to build a network from scratch. We’ll help you forge your new network with our contact concierge, and update your contacts to boot. Build a strong, targeted local network without having to hire an agency- saving you lots of money in the long run.

Track data your way

Make your news easy to find

You've undoubtedly written an article before, so you know how powerful search engine results can be. Making sure you are findable- and look great when you are found- is essential to getting coverage. Our newsrooms are SEO-optimised, so journalists can find your news in seconds, giving your inbound PR a powerful boost.

Innovation, service and security

A partner you can trust

With communications being such a fundamental part of our customers’ brands, we’re more than software; we’re a technological partner you can trust.

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Online within a week

While your IT team remains focussed on your core business, we’ll build you a beautiful newsroom in just a week.

Continuous innovation

We regularly launch updates to keep your newsroom secure, findable, and complete. You’ll never need another newsroom.

Everything taken care of

Design, development, implementation, migration, training, maintenance and brand updates - we take care of all the busywork for you.