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When people look for your brand online, you want to be the first to give them the best possible answers to their questions. Online newsrooms are the home to those answers; a place where you share your story, provide loads of context, and keep things consistent and professional.

Brand trust

Nurture your relationships with stakeholders

Help stakeholders connect with your brand by keeping them up to date on the latest happenings in your company. From the latest news to media coverage to virtual events – showcase transparency and build brand trust by gathering all your assets in one place.

Lead Generation

Turn visitors into contacts

Your online newsroom has a dedicated space that helps you attract visitors and convert them into leads. Users can sign up for your news, newsletters, and press lists depending on what they want to know and how frequently they want to hear from you.

Solidify media relationships
Brand building

Attract the right people

People connect with who you are, not with what you sell. Whether it’s your next superstar employee, a big-time investor, a loyal customer, or a keen media contact – your online newsroom is where you start and grow these connections.  

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Frequently asked questions

  • How's this different from traditional outbound PR?

    Traditional outbound PR consists of finding the right contacts and pushing messages out to them. It relies heavily on pitching stories to news outlets.

    Inbound PR, on the other hand, is about attracting the right people with relevant and valuable messages through less invasive channels. It doesn’t mean you’ll stop using press releases or pitching them to journalists. Instead, inbound PR calls for a mindset shift where PR pros find ways to help journalists craft meaningful stories and not the other way around. 


  • So it's inbound marketing?

    Well, not quite. Inbound marketing and inbound PR are different disciplines. However, they are both based on the same principle: where outbound interrupts, inbound attracts. Inbound PR combines PR and inbound marketing's greatest strengths, content and measurement. 

  • Do you also help with SEO?

    Our newsrooms are technically fully optimized for search engines. This means that when visitors search the web for your brand, your newsroom will probably be in the top results. This gives you the opportunity to shape your narrative and share your story. 

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