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Content localization (1): Language management

We've got a series of product updates coming up that make localizing your newsroom and its content easier and more advanced.

In this first update, we're introducing the brand-new Content localization page. On this page, you will be able to take full control of your newsroom localization settings.

The primary feature we're rolling with this update is the ability to manage your languages. You will have a clear overview of the languages currently active in your newsroom. Adding new languages is straightforward: click the "Add" button to include them, and removing them is just as easy. Saving your changes updates your newsroom, and you can select the languages within your news content settings.

In addition, for newsrooms with a multi-market and multi-language setup, visitors will find all available options consolidated into a single dropdown menu, rather than having separate dropdowns for each category.

Newsroom dropdown menu with markets and languages combined

Finally, you can now localize events as well. Simply select a language for your event and it will exclusively appear in the newsroom's corresponding language.

This update is primarily technical, as it mainly operates behind the scenes, and doesn't introduce a plethora of new features. However, it forms the foundation for the two exciting content localization updates in this series: Text overrides and Global content translations. These two updates will allow you to align your newsroom texts with your brand's tone of voice and localize global content, such as your about page and boilerplate text.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming features.

Director of Product