Product updates

We’re constantly improving our product for our customers. See our latest features, improvements and fixes.

Product updates integrated in the app

Find out what’s new and improved, directly in 📣

We launch new features, improve existing ones, fix bugs, and often silently ship under-the-hood improvements. To help you use in the best way possible, we want to fill you in on all of these updates.

That's why we've created this product changelog, accessible within the sidebar in If the megaphone icon lights up, we have news for you. Simply hover over the icon to find all our product updates, starting with the most recent one.
To help you read, we label our updates with these tags:
  • New: new features and products
  • Improved: improvements to existing features
  • Fixed: bug fixes and maintenance work
  • App: updates to the platform
  • Newsroom: updates to the branded newsroom layout
  • PR CRM: updates to the PR CRM
Keep your eyes peeled on the megaphone— we have some exciting product updates coming up.
Director of Product