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Engage with stakeholders using just one tool 

Offer your audiences a seamless experience, eliminating the need for them to navigate through multiple platforms or apps. Everything your event requires for engagement, from live discussions to Q&A’s, is consolidated into one user-friendly tool, enhancing accessibility and interaction.

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Offer an on-brand experience 

Hosting virtual events in your newsroom helps you maintain a consistent and recognizable identity throughout your event. From customized visuals to tailored content, our platform allows you to deliver a cohesive brand presence. 

Streaming tools
Multiple streaming options

Seamless integration

Video streaming platforms like Youtube and Vimeo are integrated into our tool, giving you and your team freedom to choose the tool you need for your next virtual event. 

Chat QA

Start a conversation

Get the most out of your event by inviting your audience to an active conversation. Engage with your viewers through live chat, Q&A submissions, or opinion polls. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a virtual event software?

    Virtual event software are digital platforms designed to facilitate and host online events, conferences, and meetings. These tools enable participants to engage remotely through features like video conferencing, chat functions, and interactive presentations. By leveraging virtual event software, organizers can create immersive online experiences, connect attendees from different locations, and provide a seamless alternative to traditional in-person gatherings.

  • Can I host a webinar with your virtual events tool?

    Yes! Your online newsroom now allows you to host and livestream your virtual events, helping you connect with audiences across the globe. Viewers can join the conversation through a live chat, ask questions in a Q&A session, and cast their votes in polls – all in one tool! If you’d like to learn how to set this up for your brand, hit us up! 

  • How can I host a hybrid event?

    Our virtual events platform helps you roll out hybrid events, integrating in-person activities and virtual experiences. Keen to learn more? We’d love to show you how we can help your brand host events. 

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