A great press page example


What is a press page?

Your press page is the public face of your brand. But unlike other news coverage, you control the narrative. It is the beating (well-curated) heart of your company. It is where journalists, customers and other Curious Georges go for the inside scoop. With a good press page, you make it ridiculously easy for the world to find your company news. In no time at all, they should be able to find out what you do, and why you do it.

Why do you need a press page?

Imagine this: a journalist is thinking of doing a story on your product. Like anyone, they want to find the information as quickly as possible, without a lengthy email exchange, or an endless Google search. They head to your press page. The press page is so easy to find and use, and the information on it is so clear, that they track down everything they need in record time.

They go away feeling like a champ. You have just made their lives easier: your site looked professional, they understand you better in the context of your brand, and they can get back to their job.  This process is worth its weight in gold.

Inbound PR

By having a professional looking, straightforward press page, that’s easily found on a search engine, both you and your audience will stop wasting valuable time. Your press page is the glue that holds lasting relationships with the media together. With it, you can get the wide coverage you need, without having to chase journalists down. This is what is called ‘Inbound PR’. With style.

Outbound PR

‘Outbound PR’ on the other hand, is the process of pitching your news to the media. An essential part of Outbound PR is having a flawless press page to support your pitch. The links included in your campaign should direct media to your shiny happy press page. Like Aladdin's cave, it should be full every asset they could possibly dream of. In neatly categorised boxes, of course.

The numbers don’t lie

Beautiful, sweet, inbound PR. Having a journalist actually want to promote your brand for you. Is there any greater pleasure in life? Don’t answer that. We might love PR a bit too much.

If you have a substandard press page, or worse, you don’t have one at all, chances are your PR results are going to slump. You’ll be happy to hear, however, that if your press page is good, you will see a return on investment quickly.

One anecdotal example is one of our clients who invested in press pages for 6 of their local markets and crunched the numbers a year later. Here’s what they found:

  • Twenty articles covering their brand without direct contact with the media
  • Ten quality press contacts found them independently and are now considered good company friends

Not only this, but a newsroom is one of, if not the main way to get traffic to your site. With journalists lining the internet with your links like breadcrumbs, more people will follow the trail. Your SEO gets a boost and traffic will be directed towards you, instead of your competitors.


After launch →
Amount of coverage

from inbound PR

Quality press contacts

gained since launching newsroom


Examples of good press pages

Your press page is not going to bear much fruit if no one can find it, it has no actual information, or it's hard to navigate. If a journalist can’t find what they want they want quickly, they are out of there before the ink is dry.

Your brand is a promise, and that promise is one that can be kept by being consistent. A good press page is part of that promise. Here are some brands nailing it:

WeTransfer Newsroom
Titleist Newsroom
EVBox Newsroom
Dolby Newsroom

Ingredients of a strong press page

Your press page is like a hotel (stay with me here) and every window, brick and door adds up to an irresistible stay for your guests. If you’re missing a window, the guests (read: journalists) are going to get cold, and they will abandon ship without paying. They will leave you bad reviews in all CAPS. Here’s what your press page needs to stop them being so antisocial:

Beautiful Engaging Articles

News articles

You guessed it, your press page is going to need some press. This is where you showcase your press announcements so your audience can keep up with your latest news.


Media Kits

Press kit

Your press kit spoonfeeds all the elements of your product or story, in one tidy, digestible package. You can add images, PDFs, documents, reports; whatever it is that is going to make your story sing.


High Res Media

Image bank

Stop telling your story in a thousand words, instead sit back and let your high-quality images do the talking. Journalists can swoop in, download the images they want, and have the story written up by lunch time.


Subscribers - Blueicon

Contact Info

Journalists aren’t so antisocial after all. Sometimes they want a quote from an expert, or a follow up on a story. Short of having a flashing neon sign pointing to your comms team, make it as easy as possible for them to find you.

Hosted_own_domain - Blueicon

About us

With a killer About section, all your brand news makes sense in the context of your strong brand narrative. Journalists find it easier to write stories if they truly understand who they are writing about, and what value they bring. 

Expose_clippings - Blueicon

Clippings or ‘In the News’

Give your audience a bit of context and showcase your wins. A good Clippings section will give visitors an insight into the wider brand narrative, and may even provide some inspiration for a story.

Social Sharing

Social media friendly

Social sharing buttons, eye-catching press releases: make it as easy as possible for your story to spread like wildfire, whatever the social platform.

Followers will love you!

Follower functionality

Your audience can subscribe to future news directly from press page. That way, they stay in the loop, and you can sleep soundly knowing your press has a wider reach.



If you want to get information to your visitor that little bit faster, a search bar is the key to their heart. Save them the task of trawling through your press releases.



SEO Optimisation

Your press page should be generating as much traffic for your company as possible. Making it SEO-proof, independent of your digital marketing teams, is going to save you time, and probably a few white hairs.


Fast Page Loads


Everyone knows the sweet satisfaction of a webpage that loads instantly. Your newsroom needs to be quick, so your audience is not stuck staring at the Spinning Beach Ball of Death. And your satisfaction gets even sweeter when you realise that a fast newsroom helps with your SEO.

Quality is rarely an accident. If you include the above in your press page you can elevate your brand to a level of professionalism that generates news. Big news. By making your press room as attractive and user-friendly as possible, your media relationships will blossom. Remember: a journalist is for life, not just for Christmas.

Types of press pages

Don’t get lumbered with a one-size-fits-all press page. The world is too full of artful solutions for your exact problem to be stuck with an ill-fitting one. Here are just a handful of PR channels that add just the right amount of polish to your brand. A bland news release with very little branding will be forgotten as quickly as the reference number on a misplaced package.

1. Branded newsroom

A branded newsroom is for companies that wish consistent branding across all their news. It looks professional and it makes a message stand out and really stick. 

2. Custom newsroom

Do you have very specific ideas about your press page? Do you want an awards page? Or a space for your CEO’s ideas? You have a vision and we like it. Sounds like you need a custom built solution. 

3. Media centre

A media centre is a one-stop shop for everything your PR needs: an extensive media bank, corporate information, clippings library; you name it, it should be there. 

4. Investor relations

Your (future) investors will expect to find this page on any reputable site. This is where you show them how you’re doing, and why they should invest. Journalists will also come here for useful stats.

5. Product Image bank

This is where you can keep a bank of easily downloadable, high-resolution images and product specifications, to direct the press to at any time.

6. Thought leadership blog

If a content marketing blog is explaining "what you sell", then a thought leadership blog is explaining "who you are". This will cover topics such as sustainability, csr, diversity in the workplace and any other topic that your brand stands for.

Press page success factors

Your press page is just the attractive, well-organised tip of the iceberg: underneath the surface, there are three other components that guarantee its success. Pull up a chair, let’s dive into all four.

Newsroom graphic

1. Killer journalist press page

By now, with all the above, you should be fast friends with the media. You should be going on coffee dates and recommending Netflix series. They respect the professionalism your brand brings, and they turn to you for a good story. But the public-facing press page is just the front end of the news, what about the software behind?

Publishing software

2. Winning publishing software  

With the right software, your team becomes a well-oiled, news-making machine. You’ll need a straightforward, comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) for your press releases. Can you collaborate and approve campaigns easily? Can you manage roles, access and permissions for agencies? Can you collaborate efficiently with colleagues abroad? Is it easy to format it with rich media (infographics, video, hi-res images)? Are press releases so clear that your journalist friends can pick out information, terminator style?

Watertight CRM

3. Watertight CRM Software

You are also going to need a watertight Customer Relationship Manager to keep track of all the new journalist friends you have made. Those coffee dates aren’t going to make themselves. With grouping, tagging, and filtration systems you can send the right campaigns, to the right people, at the right time. Being stuck in the Bermuda triangle of Excel documents doesn’t really cut it in the modern day. Plus you won’t be winning many GDPR brownie points.

Vital Support

4. Vital support and maintenance 

An often overlooked but vital part of press page success is support. Let’s face it, sometimes things break. You might need someone to save the day when you accidentally delete your campaign (no judgment, these things happen). You then might want to embargo part it. Who you gonna call? Well, normally that would be your IT department. But your IT department is Very Popular. They have things to do, people to see. 

But what if you could have your own dedicated IT team helping you with your PR software? That would give you the peace of mind that even if things go wrong, someone has your back. 

Moreover, you’ve probably noticed the PR landscape is changing. Our audience is changing, and so are we. There are more platforms than ever before to reach your audience, and comms teams are constantly navigating new digital challenges. We need to adapt, to survive. You are going to need someone to constantly update your software and future-proof your PR efforts.




Build vs buy consideration

Some of you may be weighing up whether to build your press page in-house, or buy one off-the-shelf. The decision is going to be different for every company, depending on your unique situation. To make the right choice, you’ll first need to understand the functional requirements of a press page, and how much it’s going to cost. To shed some more light on the topic, we have made a comprehensive build vs buy whitepaper, covering just that. You’re welcome.

A roadmap to build a newsroom

To start living your best life as a journalist whisperer, you’re going to need a plan. What needs to be done before your killer press page is functional? These are the implementation steps you’ll need to tackle to reach your destination:


Project kick off

Here you will be mapping your needs and tailoring a product to your workflow.


Solution and implementation

  • You will need to merge your press page with your CMS, CRM and email distribution, workflow management, analytics, tracking and reporting systems. *phew*
  • Your branding, comms and marketing teams will define what kind of content you want in your press page. Then the baton will be passed to the design team who will bring this to life. You will end up with a clickable mock-up which will go through a few iterations.
  • Next you will start testing if your news will break the internet. This includes: security upgrades against hackers, SEO and branding updates, and traffic spike tests.
  • You will need to setup accounts permissions (with different countries and user roles) and migrate content from any previous platform you may have had. 



Your team is going to need all the docs and training to get them up to speed.


Press page launch

Voila! Your press page is ready to go. Go get ‘em, tiger. You will need someone on call here for ongoing support and training.

Don’t just take our word for it

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